Wednesday, July 17, 2013


1. OOTD, cold days during summer | 2. My boyfriend's dog, Oscar. Love him! | 3. First day at the beach | 4. I want to go away on a cruise | 5. Second day at the beach, with Cosmo | 6. New iPhone cases, perfect for summer | 7. I had to go get my fan from the attic, it was way too hot | 8. Night out with friends after an entire day at a congress | 9. Pre-sale shopping | 10. Leiria by night | 11. Blogging... all night long, did some major changes around here | 12. Official sale shopping madness, here is the result. Ups.

So, this is basically it for this month. Hope you liked it and dont forget to follow me on instagram: inesribeiro92

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