Sunday, October 28, 2012

Harajuku Meeting~☆

Two weeks ago, we went to Montreal's annual harajuku meeting! It is the second biggest harajuku event of the year, along with the St-Dolorès (lolita meeting) in spring.

 Everyone gathered at the nearest subway station, then we walked together to the park where the meeting was held. It was cold outside so we all had to wear big coats (we only took them off to take pictures).

Momo and Reiko had a great time with Pomme and took pretty pictures together~!

Before leaving, we went to an old church nearby to take our snaps.

We were happy to see our friends!

(Momo was doing weird faces as always) 

At the end of the day, we went to the Chinatown where we met Jiji and we had bubble tea together~

Friday, October 26, 2012

Denim All Over

Denim Dress: TopShop.
Ballet Flats: Chanel (get the look here).
Bag: Coach. Skull Ring: Bad Passion.

This dress is such an easy item to wear. It's sold out in the light denim but still good to go in the darker wash. I recommend going one size up for a relaxed slouchy fit.

*Pictures in this post taken by Tolga Safer.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Double Velvet

Jeans: American Apparel. Top: J Crew.
Velvet Shoes: TopShop. Bag: Chanel.
Sunglasses: Karen Walker.

These shoes are from last summer (seen here). Velvet wasn't that popular back then but it's certainly having a moment this season! I've been waiting to get my hands on this Chanel bag from the moment I first layed eyes on it. This picture of Miroslava Duma at Paris fashion week had me SALIVATING. She's wearing two. TWO! I die.

*FYI The Chanel velvet 'boy' comes in two sizes and several colours. I'm wearing the mini navy blue one.

**Pictures in this post taken by Tolga Safer.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hear Me Roar...

Tiger Sweatshirt: Kenzo

Classic Kenzo and finally back in stock on but.... they only ship to Europe. I have mine winging it's way to me as I type. HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!!

This one from Juicy Couture is great too: 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Red Hot

Jeans: American Apparel. 
Vest: ASOS mens (borrowed from The Boy!)
'Becket' Sneakers: Isabel Marant (get the look here).

It's impossible to wear white and not get dirty. I just go with it. Sometimes I like dirty whites even more then I like clean ones.Especially in a boyish look like the one above. 

P.S Summer has returned to LA. Ugh. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jiji's Birthday party!

On September 12th our dear Jiji turned 18 years old, however as we were all rather busy with college and work we couldn’t properly make her a birthday party until the 3rd of October! She put us in charge of planning her birthday secretly. 
As we all have different schedules so the guests arrived at different times, yet we did a good number of different activities! 

First, we went trifthing to a place called ‘Eva B’ where you can find all kind of used and vintage clothing and even costumes, we were a little short on money as usual (LOL) so we couldn’t buy much stuff, however we had fun looking around. 

Then, we found a piercing and tattoo salon with Nii’s help. Jiji is such a huge fan of ear piercings and as a collective gift we offered her the piercing of her choice! We all went with her 
to the piercing room to support her (LOL) even though it apparently didn’t hurt much and now she feels ready to have more and more piercings! 

Just before supper time, we had the pleasure to meet with “Kami-sama”, a designer-DJ-producer and organiser. We discussed about our future plans and of course the J-Fest, an awesome event taking place on Oct. 20th. Please look forward it! Pop Kakumei is working hard to get ready to create a good impression! 

For supper, we went to a Thai restautant. We always have a hard time deciding where we should eat and even when we try to eat something different we always end up at an Asian restaurants as the good Asianaboos we are, right! The food was rather good but the portions were way toooo big or us!!
Then, we lighted up the candles and ate the delicious cake together. I wonder what Jiji wished for… I hope she wished for Pop Kakumei to be successful! 

Finally, we went to the arcades and played our favorite games: Mortal Kombat, motorcycle and car racing and a haunted attraction park game.

I really hope Jiji had an amazing birthday!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Skirt: American Apparel (get the look here & here).
Shirt: TopShop. Boots: Zara. 
Earrings: ASOS.

The weather has finally started to cool off. It never really gets that cold in LA so the main difference between my summer and winter wardrobe is texture. When the weather turns crisp I like to reach for leather and suede. 

My love for big earrings seems to be going nowhere fast. The pair I'm wearing here are literally 'door knockers'. These are from ASOS and they're very 90's. Which is a good thing.... obviously :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Meet POPKakumei ~ !!

Hello everyone, nice to meet you~!♪
We are Popkakumei, a harajuku ''fashion band" composed of 7 girls from Qc, Canada!

I am PopKakumei's Mochi and I'll be in charge of our first report after the opening of the website!
On august 3rd to 5th we all attended Montreal's annual Japanese pop culture convention, Otakuthon. Being all together for our first important event after the creation of the group, it felt like our official debut!
The weekend was so busy! Those who were there, you might have seen us at the Fairy Crash stand near the artists' alley's exit, where some of our members sold their creations!

We also attended Sunday's Japanese Fashion Show! We met and made friends with really interresting people. It was an amazing experience even though we were all very nervous but it turned out well and it was really fun!!!

While walking around the convention we had the pleasure to meet DJ Kami, the organizer of JFest, a japanese pop culture party event in Montreal. He interviewed some of us and we had the chance to talk with him about our passion and, maybe, plan future collaborations...?

All weekend long we hung out with our friends from Toronto, Peach and Candy, members of the idol group Pinku Project~!! They are so crazy but so kind and fun to be around!

 The pictures were taken by Candy, go take a look at her tumblr!

We took a lot of snaps, too:

See you soon ~ !!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not Nautical

Shorts: Finders Keepers (in black here). Top: H&M.
Bag: Mulberry (get the look here & here).
Shoes: Prada.

A simple stripe t.shirt is such a classic staple. I've had this one for forever and I'm yet to find one I like more. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Animal Magic

Cashmere 'Owl' Jumper: Burberry Prorsum.

I adore this Burberry jumper ('sweater' to the Americans) and animal motifs are set to be huge for fall. I've hunted down some more budget friendly options...

Despite the 90º weather in Los Angeles the tiger jumper is already hanging in my closet.