Monday, March 3, 2014

Becoming a model

How to get started:
Before you get started doing anything, you should ask yourself these questions as they will help guide you for the rest of the process.

What do I want to get out of modeling?
What am I willing to put into becoming a model
What kind of model do I want to be? Fashion, Runway, swimsuit, sport,etc.
How flexible am I for traveling and for time

Once you evaluate these questions, There is two ways you can go. One is to contact a modeling agency which I will explain below. The other method is to act like your own agency and create your own portfolio. This is easily done over the internet, now with several places in which you can post pictures, and information on yourself to attract talent scouts.

If you choose to go the traditional route and to work with a modeling agency, It can be hard at times to know first of all how to find a good one, and what to look for in a modeling agency. You can easily look up and find agencies in phone books or online,etc. Before you do any of that, I would recommend contacting anyone you know, that is a model, and finding out about some of the experiences that they have had with modeling and general, and also specifically with different agencies in your area. Once you have a general idea of what the scene looks like, contact some of the agencies and set up an appointment to meet with them. Meeting with the agency can be the hardest and most nerve wrecking part of the whole experience. Be firm, and don’t allow the agency to take advantage of you!

Things to ask and look for are:
What have they done for other models?
What can they do for you?
Can they meet your needs as an invividual and as a model?
Does the agency have similar goals for you as the ones you have for yourself?

The final question “How to get a first photo shoot” depends on which route you take. If you go with an agency you will have to arrange with them, to have a photo shoot taken, and to start building your portfolio. If you decide to go on your own, you will have to build your own portfolio. Either by using photos that you already have, or by contacting a photographer to have a photo shoot done. I would recommend that hiring a photographer is the route to go, as it looks more professional, and the quality is much greater than simple family and friends photo’s,etc.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hey there! For the second part of the favorite bloggers series, these are the chosen ones, or as I like to name them "the blonde ones". All exquisite and unique in their own way, with very different styles. I've been following all of these for a really long time and always loved their way of blogging. To sum things up, this time we have: Blais Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific, Sara Strand, Fanny Lyckman (both with their names as the blog's name), Kristina Bazan from Kayture and last but not least, Jessica Stein from Tuula. Take a closer look at some of my favorite outfits from the bunch and let me know, which is your favorite?

Olá olá! Para a segunda parte da série das bloggers favoritas, escolhi estas cinco, ou como gosto de as intitular "as loiras". Todas únicas e requintadas à sua maneira, com estilos bastante diferentes.Já as sigo há bastante tempo e sempre adorei a forma como escrevem e se vestem no blog. Para sumarizar, as escolhidas são: a Blair Eadie do Atlantic-Pacific, a Sara Strand, a Fanny Lyckman (ambas com os seus nomes como nome do blog), a Kristina Bazan do Kayture e por fim, a Jessica Stein do Tuula. Vejam alguns dos meus outfits favoritos de cada uma e digam-me, qual é a vossa favorita?


Blair has a signature look, her sunglasses. She knows what she's doing when in comes to matching colors and patterns. I would define her style from on the girly preppy side yet super fun!

A Blair tem um look de marca, os seus óculos de sol. Ela sabe muito bem o que está a fazer no que toca a misturar cores e padrões. Eu diria que o seu estilo é muito feminino mas super divertido!

SARA STRAND ( - Norway

Sara, unlike Blair, is more on the tom boy neutral side. She has a totally wearable look but she pulls it off in such a cool way. 
I especially love the way she styles knits and big coat. To top it all off, she is pregnant!

A Sara, ao contrário da Blair, tem um estilo mais masculino e com muitos tons neutros. Tudo o que veste é perfeitamente possível de usar e ela consegue sempre dar um toque muito cool aos seus outfits. Adoro especialmente a forma como veste camisolonas de malha e casacões de inverno. E para além de isto tudo, está grávida!


Fanny is the coolest girl ever. She has such a laid back look that just comes out as effortless. A lot of leather pieces and funky shoes. Another thing I love about her is her hair. It's just so... cool! Just like her.

A Fanny é a blogger mais cool. Tem um look super relaxado, como se nem tivesse de fazer qualquer esforço para conjugar as peças, sai-lhe naturalmente. Muitas peças de cabedal e sapatos divertidos são o que a caracterizam mais. Outra coisa que também adoro nela é o cabelo. É tão... cool! Tal como ela.

KRISTINA BAZAN ( Switzerland

Kristina is a super elegant lady. At only 19 year's old she was already one of the most well known blogger worldwide. I have to say she is finally getting my attention back, her passion to achieve anything she puts her mind to is very inspiring but some people are not meant to do everything. I'm trying to talk about her attempt at being a singer. I just think it's not for her. She should stick to what she does best, blog.

A Kristina é uma rapariga muito elegante. Com apenas 19 anos, já era uma das bloggers mais conhecidas mundialmente. Tenho que admitir que ultimamente tem conseguido captar a minha atenção outra vez, a sua vontade e determinação são inspiradoras mas por vezes não se pode achar que conseguimos fazer tudo o que queremos. Estou a falar da tentativa de ser cantora, acho que simplemente não é para ela. Ela devia continuar a dedicar-se com toda a paixão que tem ao seu blog.

JESSICA STEIN ( - Australia

Jessica is my favorite from the bunch, the one I identify the most with. Her sophisticated, edgy and elegant style reminds me a lot of Gary Pepper, making them both two of my all time favorites. I also really love her photography and tavel segments on the blog. She gets to travel to the most amazing places ever, more recently Hawaii and I was totally amazed!

A Jessica é a minha favorita deste grupinho, aquela com que mais me identifico. O seu estilo sofisticado, elegante e edgy lembra-me muito a Gary Pepper e provavelmente por isso são duas das minhas mais favoritas de sempre. Adoro também os segmentos de fotografia e viagens no blog. Ela viaja a tantos sítios fantásticos, mais recentemente ao Havai e eu fiquei completamente pasmada com as fotografias e as paisagens!