Monday, February 24, 2014


Pictures by Sofia P. (1100Days)  |  Faux-fur: H&M  | Tee: Zara  |  Pants: Zara  |  Booties: Topshop  |  Bag: Mango  

Well here I am with a new outfit, and a special one I might add. This faux fur coat is just so pretty. You might have already seen it in my xmas wishlist, a while ago (if not, here it is). It is definately a keeper. It works with so many different things. From booties to loafers it just seems to do the trick every time. This bag has been a total favorite of mine lately. I have this tendency when it comes to bags, that is really annoying actually but seems to happen every time I get a new one, which is to wear it all the time. I'm just so lazy with them and never remember that I have other that might have also worked with that outfit. Am I the only one who does this? Anyways, hope you liked this look!

Bem aqui estou eu com um novo look, e um bastante especial! Esta casaco de pêlo é mesmo giro. Já o devem ter visto na minha wishlist de natal, há bastante tempo (se não viram, aqui está). É definitivamente para guardar esta preciosidade. Dá para conjugar super bem com imensas coisas. Desde botas altas a loafers, tem resultado sempre. Esta malinha é outro dos meus favoritos ultimamente. Tenho uma tendência no que toca a malas, que é simplesmente irritante, de usá-las até à exaustão quando compro uma nova. Parece que me esqueço de todas as outras que tenho e que provavelmente irão ficar tão bem ou melhor com o conjunto. Sou a única assim? Enfim, espero que tenham gostado!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Guide To Streetwear Fashion

I think this article deserves a little bit of an introduction, taking in consideration it's been months since our last article. We've all been pretty busy with our lives and unfortunately in the midst of our own projects and troubles we kind of lost the motivation to write in here. However, following a meeting we had last month regarding this blog's future and our goal as a group, we decided we didn't want to give up this blog just yet. So boosting our spirits up, we decided to start writing again!

I'm very grateful for the anon that sent us a request to make a guide on streetwear fashion, and with that subject I'm breaking the hiatus officially!

To start on the topic of streetwear I should say that I get most of my inspiration from South Korea. While not everyone is a fan of Korean music, it's undeniable that the country's a leader in fashion, and although the popular styles are less flashy and crazy than what Japan's famous for, it's no less interesting. I get inspired a lot from occidental hip hop fashion too, especially aesthetics from 90's and 2000's.

This guide was built based on the different inspirations and main points I use to achieve my own looks. Of course if you think you're comfortable enough with the style, you can play around and overlook certain elements while mixing in your own!

Now let's get started~!

Construction of the style::

Streetwear is in my opinion far easier to understand than most substyles I'm accustomed to. The silhouette doesn't change much and there's usually less layering than complex styles like Pop kei and Cult Party.
The basic and most common elements of the style go as follows:

Hats: Either snapbacks, fitted caps, or beanies. 5 paneled caps and bucket hats are other popular alternative, even if they're less of a personal favorite.

Oversized everything: I like to wear really oversized tops, so i usually go for L or XL men's size. It helps accentuate the legs and makes them look thinner. Of course baggy pants work too, but what I think looks best is having a large/tight contrast, so wear something like a sports top or a tank top with them! Another option you can try is layering baggy shorts with leggings. They're sometimes a little harder to pull off depending on your body type, but don't hesitate to try it out!

Sports style socks: Mid-calf socks with stripes at the hem, or just cool designs like a repeated pattern or the brand's logo work too. The most common are the black socks with 2 or 3 white stripes.

Sneakers: They really accentuate the sporty look of the whole outfit. Be careful to not chose them too low or your legs will look shorter than they actually are. Hightops and platforms are always a safe bet and will most certainly lengthen your legs! I suggest to look at famous names like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and FILA. While they make mostly generic models, special and more fashion oriented collections like Adidas' Originals by Jeremy Scott, FILA's Ewings and Nike's Jordans are generally super interesting with creative designs.

Chunky jewelry: Big chunky gold chain necklaces, rings and bracelets went back in style with the return of the 90's trends. They're pretty easy to find at affordable prices in most mainstream accessories stores recently and of course in thrift stores.

About color combos, I usually like either all black & white, all over matching pattern, or colorful combos like in pop kei, but that's up to you guys! I've also wanted to make a pastel coord for some time but didn't get to try it out yet.

Where to get inspiration::

As stated earlier, I get most of my inspiration from Korean celebrities. While not necessarily having to listen to their music, you can always browse Kpop fashion blogs or look at airport fashion! For those who're unfamiliar with it, I suggest looking up celebrities like G-Dragon, SHINee's Key, Block B's Zico and the girl group Global Icon. Bangtan's stage looks are also really on point.
Other than that, looking at street snaps and at people on the streets where you live is an easy way to gain ideas since streetwear is worn almost everywhere around the globe!
For girl inspirations, the Uehara twins and the Hong Kong fashion icon Ruby Gloom are good exemples!

For extra exemples, here are some other looks I came up with:

Where to shop::

You can literally shop almost everywhere for this kind of look. Thrift stores, local streetwear stores, sport stores. Don't be afraid to check out the Men's section when shopping, it's usually the best place to find large tops and designs that work well with this style. Don't be bothered by genre (never be) !!
There's also an infinite number of online retailers and brands available from which I made a brief selection:


(CAN) 19Cartel: An emerging indie brand from my hometown.
(JPN) Ambush: Japanese accessory brand.
(USA) Blvck Scvle: A little bit on the darker side.
(USA) Crooks n Castles: A must.
(UK) Dope Chef: Unique designer sports wear.
(USA) Dope Couture: Simple and basic.
(USA) HUF: Simple but fun.
(USA) Joyrich: Eccentric and crazy.
(USA) King Ice: Hip hop accessory store.
(UK) KTZ: Amazing high fashion.
(KOR) Nasty Palm: Korean must.
(USA-Int.) New Era: The all-time cap provider.
(USA) Odd Future: Tyler, the Creator's brand, weird and fun.
(KOR) Sakun: Cute sports wear.
(USA) Ssur: Slowly becoming a must, the original creator of the Comme des F*ckdown design.
(USA) STAMPD: Detailed and high quality.
(USA) Stüssy: Another must.
(USA) Supreme: Streetwear big name for years.


(USA) Moose Limited
(USA) Karmaloop
(CAN) Ssense
(CAN) VFiles
(USA) RSVPGallery
(USA) PickYourShoes
(KOR) Hiphoper
(KOR) Musinsa
(KOR) Kwin Concept Shop
(JPN) Fake Tokyo

You can start out with that, but there are hundreds of brands and possible retailers to choose from, so be curious and research a little bit! Being interested in high fashion is a good thing too!
That's about it for this time, if you have questions don't hesitate to send a message to our tumblr or comment bellow!

Monday, February 10, 2014


If you live in Portugal you might have already noticed the terrible weather that is going on. I don't remember anything like this, here in Lisbon at least, in my 21 years of existance. Bad weather means that I'm not able to go outside do take pictures for the blog. Instead, I decided to do something that I've been holding off for a long time, talking about my favorite bloggers. I will from now on do this regularly until I've shown you all of them, and they will be divided into categories, such as "obvious favorites", "portuguese bloggers", etc... So, here is Part One. For this part I've come up with my "obvious" favorite bloggers: Angelica Blick, Aida Domenech from Dulceida, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper, Aimee Song from Song of Style and, last but not least, Yara Michels from This Chick's Got Style (in no particular order). All of them are special in their own way so if you click on the link below you will be able to see pictures of them individually and read a bit more on them and why I like their blogs so much. Which is your favorite?

Se vivem em Portugal já devem ter reparado no vendaval que vai lá fora. Não me recordo de tantas tempestades deste género, em Lisboa pelo menos, nos meus 21 anos de existência. Mau tempo significa que não é possível ir lá fora tirar fotos para o blog. Sendo assim, decidi fazer um post sobre um assunto que ando a adiar há algum tempo, as minhas bloggers favoritas. A partir de hoje irei fazer alguns posts dedicados a este tema e serão dividos em categorias, como por exemplo "favoritas obvias", "bloggers portuguesas", etc... Portanto, aqui está a Parte 1. Para este primeiro post escolhi as minhas bloggers favoritas "obvias": Angelica Blick, Aida Monenech do blog Dulceida, Nicole Warne do blog Gary Pepper, Aimee Song do blog Song of Style e ainda a Yara Michels do blog This Chick's Got Style (sem qualquer ordem de preferência). Todas são me muito especiais à sua maneira por isso se quiserem saber um pouco mais sobre elas cliquem no link em baixo onde também poderão ver mais fotos de cada uma. Qual é a vossa favorita?


Angelica is my absolute favorite. How could she not be? Her edgy, classy, alternative style just gets to me every time. Weather she's bringing a little ghetto into her style or get all dressed up for galas, she always nails it and never dissapoints. I want to be like her when I grow up ahah!

A Angelica é a minha blogger favorita de todas. Como poderia não o ser? O seu estilo edgy, clássico e alternativo apanha-me sempre. Desde roupas com um toque "ghetto" a vestidos de gala, ela acerta sempre e nunca desilude. Quero ser como ela quando crescer ahah!

DULCEIDA ( - Spain

Dulceida belongs in this group of bloggers not only for her unique style, but also because she just won a huge prize for Best Style Fashion Blog at the Stylight awards, which is a huge deal. She has such a fun style that it's so easy to be inspired by her looks.

A Dulceida pertence a este grupinho porque para além de ter um estilo tão próprio também ganhou um prémio nos Stylight Awards de Best Style Fashion Blog, que é fantástico. O estilo dela é tão divertido que é super fácil sentir-me inspirada pelos looks dela.

GARY PEPPER ( - Australia

Nicole, besides being totally beautiful, always brings her own feel to things. Her outfits are just so special and exquisite. She is by far the classiest blogger I follow. She also has another great advantage, her boyfriend who takes AMAZING photos of her and the places they visit together.

A Nicole para além de ser linda de morrer, mete sempre o seu toque pessoal em tudo o que veste. Os seus outfits são sempre são especiais e requintados. Ela é, de longe, a blogger mais classy que sigo. Para além de tudo isto, ela ainda tem um namorado que tira fotos FANTÁSTICAS dela e dos sítios que visitam juntos.


Aimee Song is the ultimate style icon when it comes to putting things together you never would have thought of. She mixes patterns like no other and is an amazing interior designer. I love her blog for all the travelling and the closet, of course!

A Aimee Song é a ideia perfeita de icone de estilo no que toca a misturar padrões e estilos. Ela consegue conjugar cores como ninguém e é uma decoradora fantástica. Adoro o blog dela pelas viagens que faz e, como é óbvio, pelo seu armário!


Yara had to be included in this bunch. For a while now I've been reading her blog (really reading, not looking through pictures) and she has the most amazing tips on blogging, hairstyles, make-up, etc... She even has this segment on her blog that is called "Blogging Class" which I never miss. If you don't know her she is one to look out for, after all she is a features editor at Elle so she knows what she's talking about.

A Yara tinha que ser inserida neste grupo. Tenho vindo a ler o blog dela já há alguns anos (ler mesmo) e tenho a dizer que ela tem os melhores conselhos sobre blogs, cabelos, maquilhagem, etc... Ela até tem um segmento no blog que se chama "Blogging Class" que eu nunca perco. Se não a conhecem, têm que dar uma vista de olhos, afinal de contas ela é uma das Features Editor para a revista Elle, por isso ela sabe do que fala.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


1. OPI "Everyday is Oktoberfest"  |  2. Booze for NYE  |  3. Something big  |  4. A little beauty shopping at Kiko Milano  |  5. My favorite mug (well... duh!)  |  6. Trying out some new shampoo and conditioner line from L'Oreal  |  7. Motorcycle rides and freezing nights  |  8. Coffee, my dearest friend  |  9. This never ending drama  |  10. Waiting for the Michael Bublé concert  |  11. My cousin and I at Meo Arena for the concert  |  12. A little somethin' I got in the mail (so excited)

So this is basically it for this month. Hope you liked it and don't forget to follow me on instagram: inesribeiro92

Monday, February 3, 2014


Pictures by Sofia P. (1100Days)  |  Coat: Zara  |  Shirt: H&M  |  Jeans: Zara  |  Booties: Topshop  |  Scarf: Stradivarius  |  Bag: Mango

After an entire month without posting a single outfit here I am back. I'm not quite done with my exams yet, but I'm getting there. A few months ago Zara was selling this coat for a special price and I was lucky enough to find it. I'm really glad I got it, it's so versatile and you can never have too much black coats in my view. It goes perfectly with this tartan scarf. It's been so chilly lately that there is no way you can walk out without one of these (even though I've been spending most of my days indoors). I hope you liked this outfit and look out for more posts to come!

Depois de um mês inteiro sem publicar um outfir no blog, aqui estou eu de volta. Ainda não estou propriamente despachada dos exames mas já esteve mais longe. Há uns meses a Zara fez das suas e meteu este casaco com um preço especial e eu felizmente consegui encontrar um. Adoro que seja preto e dê com tudo, acho que nunca temos casacos destes demais e fica perfeitamente com este cachecol. Tem estado tanto frio que é impossível sair de casa sem um conjunto deste género (apesar de passar a maior parte dos meus dias em casa a estudar). Espero que tenham gostado deste look!